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Company Elfari is a major dealer of sailing yachts.

In addition to cruising, sport and racing yacht purchased from manufacturers at wholesale prices,
we can offer our clients the following additional services:

Sale of stuffSale of accessoriesMaintenanceDesign services
Sale of stuff;

Sale of accessories;


Design services;

Profits, which we receive due to the difference between the wholesale and retail price allows the company to obtain a high income and pay the profit to our investors. Year-on-year sales increase and contribute to the expansion and improve the profitability of our business.Our company branches are located around the world: in the UK, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro. In these countries traditionally, the yacht business has high turnover and brings more profit.In the future, the company's development plans include opening branches in other States, expanding the range of products and services. Our partners are the companies: AMEL, Atlantic Yachts, Beneteau, Hanse, KM Yachtbuilders, Lagoon, Royal Huisman Shipyard, Salona Yachts and many others.

For sure our business, despite the high profitability, can not develop without additional capital inflows, which are provided by private investment. This is why the governing body of the company Elfari took the decision to attract private investors, who will have the opportunity to multiply their investment with the profits generated by our company. By investing the received funds in the expansion of our company, we will be able to realize the ideas of business development.

Our company guarantees its investors a high profitability of investment and payment of the interests in time.

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